BEHR Premium Select® <br>Direct To Metal Primer & Finish Gloss No. K80

BEHR Premium Select®
Direct To Metal Primer & Finish Gloss No. K80

This 100% Acrylic DTM is a primer and finish in one, providing excellent corrosion and flash rust resistance. Engineered for excellent adhesion to a variety of properly prepared interior and exterior residential and light commercial metal surfaces and provides a durable gloss finish that withstands tough elements on both interior and exterior surfaces.

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Available In

  • Int/Ext D.T.M. Primer & Finish No. K80 - MSDS

How to Special Order

  • This Special Order Product is available exclusively at The Home Depot Pro Desk. For ordering details, please contact your local Behr Rep by email through the Contact Us section.


  • Where to Use

  • Use on properly prepared interior and exterior metal surfaces only such as: doors, garage doors, railings, aluminum, wrought iron, galvanized metal and steel.
  • Surface Preparation†

  • Proper surface preparation is essential for adhesion of paint.
  • All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry and free of contaminants such as dirt, dust, oil, grease, mildew, rust, and salts.
  • Properly prepared bare metal must be coated the same day as cleaned to prevent rust bloom. All blistered and loose paint must be removed.
  • Remove contaminates using sandpaper, steel wool, or other mechanical abrading methods.
  • Sand glossy surfaces for adhesion.
  • Caulk all gaps between doors, trim, and windows with a 100% silicone paintable caulk.
  • Application

  • Intermix containers of same product to ensure color and sheen uniformity.
  • Use product when the surface and air temperatures are between 35-90°F (2-32°C).
  • DO NOT THIN. Product is formulated for use at package consistency only.
  • Brush: Nylon/polyester
  • Roller: Use a high quality 3/8"-1/2" nap roller cover on smooth surfaces or 1/2"-3/4" nap roller cover on semi-rough or porous surfaces.
  • Airless Spray: Tip = .015 to .019 tip with 60 mesh filter
  • Coverage: Up to 400 sq. ft. (37 m2) per gallon depending on the surface texture, porosity and the application method.
  • Two coats are required for maximum protection and durability.
  • Dry Time

    (At 77°F (25°C) and 50% Relative Humidity)

    • Touch: 1 hours.
    • Recoat: 2 hours.
    • Full cure: 2 weeks.
    • Longer dry time required in cooler temperatures and in higher humidity.
    • After 2 weeks, cured paint film may be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive liquid detergent.

    Clean Up

  • Use soap and water.
  • Properly dispose of all soiled rags and protect unused product from freezing.
  • For disposal of unused paint products, please contact your household refuse collection service.





    Your interior and exterior surfaces can benefit from Behr Premium Plus Porch and Floor Paint. Both the low-lustre and gloss sheens resist scuffing, fading, cracking, and peeling. The finish is durable and long lasting. Product safety information is readily available from